Monday, November 24, 2008

HT News

I recently read The Lieutenant by Kate Grenville and reviewed it here at HT. The book isn't out anywhere other than Australia at the moment, with the release date being February 2009 in most other countries. If you would like to whet your appetite, you can however watch a couple of videos from the Australian launch of the book here.

In other interview news, there is an interview up at Loaded Questions with HF author Kathleen Kent! There is also going to be an interview up with Kate Furnivall shortly as well, which I am very much looking forward to!

Last item for today - registrations are open for the Historical Novel Society North American Conference which is being held in Schaumberg Illinois from June 12-14 2009. If it wasn't for the whole being held in another country thing, I would so be tempted to attend. Guests of honour include Edward Rutherford and Margaret George.

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  1. That conference sounds dreamy. Thanks for adding me into the Advent calendar, by the way!