Thursday, October 16, 2008

Something new and exciting!

We are very excited to be launching not one but two new features here at Historical Tapestry....Why I Love! and HF News

Why I Love

We are planning to have a series of posts from authors, readers, bloggers, and anyone else we can think of to ask about why they love some particular aspect of historical fiction. For example if you love reading books about the Tudors, then you could contribute a post about Why I Love Reading About the Tudors. If you would like to participate then please contact us at historical.tapestry at gmail dot com.

For our launch post tomorrow, we are very excited to have a HT favourite author Elizabeth Chadwick on why she loves writing medieval fiction. Ana and Marg are big Elizabeth Chadwick fans, and we are working on Teddy Rose and Kailana!

We would like to give special thanks to Alex from Le Canape who has created a series of beautiful buttons for us to use as part of this series.

HF News

Sometimes there are things that we see around blogland that we want to share with you all, but they don't really need a full post to announce them, so we either wait until a few days later to fit them into the posting schedule, or don't post about them at all. Therefore, we thought it would be a great idea to just have small posts that will contain something that we want to let you all know about now. It could be a giveaway, an author interview, a new excerpt, anything! And if you see something that you think other people would love to know about too, then drop us a line at the email address above.

In terms of structure, we will still continue to post book reviews, cover stories, upcoming release posts every couple of days as we do now, but HF News could be posted whenever during the day!

There are some other ideas for the blog that we are looking into at the moment, so keep your eyes out for more news from us soon!

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