Friday, October 17, 2008

Introducing Elizabeth Chadwick

As we announced yesterday, we have a new feature here on Historical Tapestry called Why I Love... We are delighted to have British author Elizabeth Chadwick for our first guest.

Elizabeth Chadwick is the author of over 15 novels set in medieval times. There are a number of reviews here of her books (see our index for links to them).

Her latest release is A Time of Singing, which I have read and really enjoyed. I am hoping to write the review for it soon. Her previous book, A Place Beyond Courage has just been released in paperback.

Elizabeth Chadwick has a number of blogs related to various aspects of writing, but her main one where she discusses her research methods and writing can be found at Living the History.

Whilst her books can be a little difficult to get hold of in the US, we strongly believe that it is well worth the effort of tracking them down if you are a fan of historical fiction. Try Amazon Canada or The Book Depository. We don't think you will be disappointed!

***Breaking news***

Elizabeth Chadwick has just relaunched her website and it looks great! If you have a chance, drop in and check out all the new features at


  1. I love Chadwick's books! I got hooked this summer while I was in England. They're just such strong stories (and amazingly beautiful covers). It drives me crazy that it's so difficult to get hold of them here...

  2. It is hopefully going to get a little easier next year. Hopefully.