Saturday, September 20, 2008

Michelle Moran Week: All Good Things Must Come to an End...

So, today is the last day of Michelle Moran's Week! I thought it was very successful, what did everyone else think? And, really, one of the best things is yet to come, for as the day ends and the new day begins, I will be choosing winners! Remember, you have until 11:59 PM EST tonight to comment or show your support to the week in some way! Then, I will be tallying up everything and choosing who wins! A lot of people have visited this blog this week and said what's on their mind, while others posted about it on their own blogs. The support for the week has been fantastic!

Michelle has a new book out next year, so if you have any thoughts about what could've been done differently or what you really liked about this week, feel free to comment! I will be sure to keep things in mind if we do something like this again next year!

Remember to comment! I will be back with the winners, hopefully, tomorrow!


  1. I think this week with Michelle was a fabulous idea. For people like me, who read so many books (esp. historical fiction), even when a book is really well written, we tend to put it down and move right on to the next one.

    But all of this interaction with Michelle and hearing how her books came into being serves to make her work more memorable (does that make sense?).

    Thank you all for bringing this to us. I'm always grateful for an introduction to a new-to-me author and Michelle is certainly a joy.

  2. This was wonderful as I had read some reviews on the book prior to this week but hearing from Michelle herself was even more interesting and gave me so much more of an appreciation for her books and I'll be watching her to see what other books she'll be writing in the future. Thanks!

  3. Hi,
    still working my way through new blogfinds from BBAW - hello, and what a fascinating sounding author and book! I adore Egyptian set novels so one based even more accurately on historical events should be fab.