Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Devil's Brood is done!

I just happened to drop in at Sharon Kay Penman's website and was pleased to see that Sharon has just posted a new note ... and the news is all good (for us readers at least)!

The Devil's Brood, the third book in the Henry and Eleanor trilogy, is finished, and will be being released in October (did you hear my squeal of excitement from where you are??)

Secondly some of her older novels are getting rereleased and thirdly, Sunne in Splendour has been optioned to be made into a movie.

You can get all the details by reading Sharon's Note on her website!

I have been holding off reading the Henry and Eleanor trilogy for ages, but succumbed last year and read When Christ and His Saints Slept. Maybe it is time for me to dig out the second book in the trilogy which is Time and Chance.


  1. Oh Marg this is wonderful news!! Both the book and the movie... any guesses as to who is going to play Richard III? ;-)

  2. LOL you're just saying that because he is australian right? Have you watched The Other Boleyn Girl yet btw?

  3. Actually I was just saying that because I don't get how he was cast as Henry VIII. No, I ended up not getting to see TOBG. Everytime I was free to go and see a movie, there was no showing around that time!