Friday, September 21, 2007

North & South Mini series

I really enjoy the BBC Tv series based on famous novels. I was recently introduced to a new one (to me) and spent quite a few enjoyable hours curled up on the couch watching this series that A. sent me! It was very good!

The story it's about the contrast between the living in the south and the north of England, the south is more about landed gentry and the north about the industrialization. The clash between the two occurs when Margaret Hale moves to Milton, in the North, and discovers a way of life and priorities very different from the ones she is used to. She is shocked when she visits a cotton mill and finds the owner, Mr Thornton, beating one of his employees who had been caught smocking in the weaving room and also later when she tries to befriend a mill worker and his daughter. This friendship will make her aware of the workers's difficulties and will lead her to a strained relationship with Thornton, Margaret's feelings will only change after he has proposed and she has refused him and as she slowly gets to know him better. It was a beautiful series, a wonderful BBC adaptation with some very good actors, I can't resist mentioning Sinead Cusack. And of course now I have a new author to discover - Elizabeth Gaskell who wrote the book the series was based upon.

So for all of the above I highly recommend it! Not to mention the eye candy that is Richard Armitage! I totally agree that all that intensity makes him a worthy rival of Colin Firth's Mr Darcy!


  1. It is wonderful adaptation isn't it! I'm BBC junkie and thought after Brideshead Revisited, Bleak House, and Daniel Deronda would be hard pressed to see if they made more of that quality, but this one surpasses!
    The fact that Richard Armitage is amazingly mesmorizing actor doesn't hurt either. His movies and series are at top of my Netflix Queue now!
    Nice site by the way.

  2. I haven't watched Bleak House or Daniel Deronda yet. Thanks for mentioning them, I'll go check them out!