Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Ivy – Julie Hearn

Ivy has been spotted in a rough part of London by Oscar Arentino Fosdick, a rich Pre- Raphaelite painter. He needs a muse and Ivy is prefect – a stunner.

But Ivy is also a girl with a past. No amount of laudarum can block her memories of being used to lure wealthy children down alleys so that Carroty Kate the ‘skinner’ can strip them of their clothes and jewels.

Realising quickly that Oscar has more money then sense Ivy’s greedy cousins order to sit for him – and to do anything else he might ask. But their ‘nice little earner’ has sinister consequences.

Oscar’s jealous mother is determined to get rid of her son’s beautiful model
Oscar’s famous neighbour wants her all to himself
And Ivy’s strange and troubled past is about to catch up with her…

Ivy is an orphan being brought up by her uncle and aunty in Victorian London. But she is different and by the age of 5 knows that life is not fair. Ivy life is change for ever when she bumps into the Children welfare women and her cousin sees a chance to make a quick buck. The story quickly races through the next 10 years leaving you scratching your head but it is explained later.

Ivy is now 15 and has caught the eye of a Pre – Raphaelite painter and the painter must have her as his model. This is when things get interesting for young Ivy & while she may wish to just escape from her relatives, Oscar and her past she can’t.

This book has an interesting plot but it felt rushed to me. I would have like there to be more about her time with Carroty Kate but I can understand why it was left out it wasn’t really need to help the story progress but it would have help understand Ivy a little more. Ivy annoyed me at time but generally I felt sorry for her. She doesn’t really belong anywhere, when she does find a place that accepts her she quickly discover that while she can make her relatives money they won’t let her go.

Overall I was left feeling a little unsatisfied with this book. I didn’t like the ending but I like my stories to be all wrapped up by the end and this one wasn’t and then there is a little bit which is set in 2004 which just didn’t really fit. This book is targeted for Young Adults and maybe that is where my problem lies. I’m now 23 and maybe that is too old for YA books, so maybe good for either a quick read or someone who doesn’t read very much. This book does not focus on real people and is only loosely based on fact which may also be the reason it just never felt quite right.

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