Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Tapestry of Hope

A Tapestry of Hope
By Tracie Peterson and Judith Miller

Tapestry of Hope weaves together the heartrending and hope-building stories of two young women. Jasmine Wainwright is the sheltered daughter of a Mississippi plantation owner. When her father strikes a deal to sell his cotton to Lowell mills through businessman Bradley Houston, he throws an arranged marriage with Jasmine into the bargain. Kiara O'Neill and her brother escape starvation in Ireland by traveling to America as Bradley Houston's indentured servants. But Bradley has more in mind for Kiara than she wants to imagine. Both women suffer in the home of this unloving husband and merciless master.
This background is from Amazon.com as the library stuck a big sticker over the back of the book.

I found this book an easy read. It focuses on two women. One is born into a wealthy cotton growing family in the South and one born into a poor family in Ireland. They both end up in the North and in circumstances that neither ever imagined. I can’t really describe them much more then that because I never felt like I really got to know them. This book could have been an amazing book, the author briefly touch on slavery, fraud, rape, poor, unfair working conditions and survival but never really delves to deep into anything, which isn’t a bad thing but it meant that the story never really dragged me in. This book is quite predictable though not boring. I’m really struggling to review this book as it was just ok not bad or good just ok. I know that this is one of those books I won’t remember reading in 6 months time. I will quickly mention that there is a few religious references make throughout the novel though it does fit within the story and I never found it over powering.

There are two are books in the series
Book 2 – A Love Woven Tale
Book 3 – The Pattern of Her Heart

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