Thursday, January 1, 2015

The 2015 Historical Ficton Reading Challenge

After hosting the Historical Fiction Reading Challenge for several years now, I have decided that it is time to pass the baton on to someone else to run the challenge! Straight away I thought of a couple of bloggers who I thought would be the perfect host for the challenge, and luckily, the first person I asked said yes, they would love to host!

I hope that you all agree that Passages to the Past is the perfect home for this year's challenge! Amy is so active in the historical fiction community and has great passion and energy for blogging, for working with authors, for supporting others and for historical fiction in general!

The sign up post will be up shortly and I hope that you all support her in the same way you have supported us here.

I have loved hosting the challenge, and constantly been astonished by how many books get read, and how wide the variety of historical fiction there is available. I know that I leave you all in good hands!


  1. I appreciate all the work you did for the challenge each year. I love Amy's blog and she's perfect for taking the baton.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Melissa

      It will be at

  3. Thank you, Marg! The sign up page is now up at Passages to the Past!

  4. Thank you for your past work and for the interesting posts you continue to bring your readers. I nominated HIstorical Tapestry for the One Lovely Blog Award: Congratulations!