Monday, April 16, 2012

Guest Post by Sheila - Titanic Merchandise

Titanic first swept me away in 1997 when the movie came out starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio.

I was not about to go see a movie about a ship sinking and said so to anyone who asked.

It was after weeks of the raves that I finally broke down and went for that first time, and a second time… and well, by the time I was done, I had seen the movie 6 times in the theater. True story.

Since then I have been really interested in all things Titanic. I went to the Exhibit in Florida (and I highly recommend it if you have a chance to go), I have watched and now own several movies, own several books on the subject, two newspapers from the headlines when the ship sank, and Titanic bears.

Unfortunately when I went to write this post for Historical Tapestry, where I believed I have kept these newspapers for years, they were not there. At some point through the years I have moved them and a quick look through the house did not help but I know they are her somewhere.

What I can show you today are the bears that I picked up at a store back in the 90’s. I thought there were only three but Kelly here at Historical tapestry says there are actually five bears, and now of course, hard to find and get.

I also am showing the books that have been pulled down for this 100th anniversary. I am currently reading The House Of Velvet and Glass, but at some point this year I have a goal to read A Night To Remember, a book I hear is a very good retelling of what happened that fateful night, 100 years ago.

Thank you Kelly for allowing me to share a little bit of what Titanic means to me.

Sheila blogs at Book Journey. You can visit her by clicking here.


  1. "About 600 of Titanic's 900-strong crew were from Southampton. More than 500 people from the city lost their lives—a third of the total casualties."
    I read that Southampton observed the anniversary with a requiem.
    9/11 bears?

  2. Thanks for letting me post here Kelly! Your dedication to Titanic posts is really appreciated!

    1. No problem, Sheila! Thanks for the idea in the first place. :)

  3. I think my parents considered me "too young" to see Titanic in theatre's when it came out but I had seen it on DVD many many times. When it was recently released in 3D I was there for sure and it was a delight to see. Those bears are awesome!