Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cover Story: The Winthrop Woman

It is interesting to follow the evolution of a cover through the years from original release date to more recent releases and see how much covers have changed.

Given that the main character of The Winthrop Woman is an Puritan woman, I am glad to see that there is nothing overly shocking in any of the covers, although the first is probably a bit more colourful than I would have expected to see. The fourth cover does a good job of indicating some of the events that are portrayed in the novel, and is the closest to being any where near bawdy.

The version I have is number 6, which matches with a lot of the rereleased cover, but it really is slightly boring really. I love the title of the French version - Betsy the Rebel!

Which is your favourite cover for The Winthrop Woman? If you have read the book which cover did you have, or did you have a different cover?


  1. Actually, while the popular impression of Puritans is that they wore only black and grey, they actually wore more color and lace if they were wealthy. The descriptions of clothes in The Winthrop Woman have plenty of variety. Of course settlers with limited money and imports would tend to simpler and sturdier garb, but that was true of all settlers in a remote land.

  2. I have #2 (which includes a Vodka ad in the middle LOL) but I'm really digging #1.

  3. I also have #2. I remember buying it at the now-defunct Coliseum bookstore in New York. Loved that book.

  4. My Winthrop Woman is a library rebind. It looks like it's bound in bright green vinyl!