Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Upcoming release: The Romanov Bride by Robert Alexander

Whenever Sarah from Reading the Past posts one of her lists of upcoming releases my TBR list inevitably grows, and her recent post was no exception.

One of the books that I was most interested to see something about was the upcoming Robert Alexander book, The Romanov Bride. I really enjoyed both The Kitchen Boy and Rasputin's Daughter, and so will definitely be picking this one up when it comes out in April.

As Russia races toward catastrophe, the Grand Duchess Elisavyeta is ensconced in the most lavish and magnificent court in the world, that of the mighty Romanovs. In the same city, but worlds apart, Pavel is a simple village man in search of a better life with his young bride, Shura. But when Shura is shot and killed by Tsarist soldiers during a peaceful political demonstration, the grief-stricken Pavel dedicates his life to overthrowing the Romanovs.

This is the fascinating true story of the beautiful and ill-fated Romanov grand duchess who gives up everything, and the peasant who determines her fate.

I do just have to say that Robert Alexander always has really great websites for his books! Click here to visit the website for this book, and then there are links to his other websites as well.

I'll put up a review for Rasputin's Daughter in the next couple of days. I didn't realise that I hadn't posted it yet!

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