Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Today Is the Day!

One of my favourite young adult authors is the wonderful Libba Bray. I read A Great and Terrible Beauty and Rebel Angels by her last year. I loved both of them, so I am thrilled that today is the day when book three is released everywhere but here. The stores here are closed today, so I have to wait until tomorrow. Tomorrow will be the busiest shopping day... It will be interesting, but I want to see what happens next, so I will be braving the crowds for The Sweet Far Thing.
IT HAS BEEN A YEAR OF CHANGE since Gemma Doyle arrived at the foreboding Spence Academy. Her mother murdered, her father a
laudanum addict, Gemma has relied on an unsuspected strength and has discovered an ability to travel to an enchanted world called the realms, where dark magic runs wild. Despite certain peril, Gemma has bound the magic to herself and forged unlikely new alliances. Now, as Gemma approaches her London debut, the time has come to test these bonds.

The Order - the mysterious group her mother was once part of - is grappling for control of the realms, as is the Rakshana. Spence's burned East Wing is being rebuilt, but why now? Gemma and her friends see Pippa, but she is not the same. And their friendship faces its gravest trial as Gemma must decide once and for all what role she is meant for.
I hope this book is as good as the first two! For me, this trilogy is much better than Stephenie Meyer's series, but that is just me. I might repost my reviews of A Great and Terrible Beauty and Rebel Angels in the next couple days. Hopefully if I can get her new book tomorrow I will have a review up of that as well!


  1. You KNOW that I am looking forward to this one as well!! LOL!!

  2. Stores closed on Boxing Day?!? Wow.

    I'm so excited about this and I totally agree, much better than the Twilight series. Not even in the same league as far as I'm concerned.

    I'm going to have to wait for the library to get their copy circulating so it will be a bit yet till I can read it. But they've had it listed as on order for a while so it shouldn't be too long. Yay!