Saturday, August 25, 2007

Spotlight On: Anne & Serge Golon

Anne and Serge Golon were the authors of one of the first series of books that I read that lead me to research a period in detail just to know more about the real people that appeared in it.

I'm talking about the Angelique series. Set in the period of France's Louis XIV, the Sun King, it portrayed the adventures of a young woman through an arranged marriage, finding love, the political intrigues, widowhood and remarriage and many other adventures in different parts of the world. Not exactly your typical romance of today this series had the advantage of an accurate research and a vivid portrayal of the period.

The authors have fought a huge battle with their publisher for the rights of their work. The accusations made included changes in the manuscripts without the author's knowledge!

Since Serge died Anne Golon has fought that battle and has continued to write the series, her Work in Progress is called Angelique and the Kingdom of France. OOP for many years due to the mentioned legal battle the books are now being reissued by a french publisher. Maybe in the future we will see them in english too.


  1. This series sounds fascinating! And, I just checked with my library and they have 7 of the first 8 books in the series! Thanks Ana!

  2. Why do you recommend such great sounding books? :-P I'll have to search for them now!