Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cover story: Dragonwyck

Almost all Dragonwyck's editions have the mysterious Gothic manor in their covers, which couldn't be more appealing to me. You suspect only by looking at them that something strange will happen in that house. The most recent edition in English language (number 7) is beautiful but somehow out of place. The French edition from the 60's (cover 8) is in perfect harmony with the other covers.
My favorites are the two first ones featuring the couple, Miranda Wells and Nicolas Van Ryn with Dragonwyck in the background. Actually, the second cover seems to be the movie tie-in with the actors Gene Tierney and Vincent Price.

Do you have a favorite?


  1. My, some of those look quite dated, especially with the hats they were wearing. I'm most partial to number 5, though I also like the recent reissue (7). The one I own is number 4.

  2. I love the tie-in cover! I also really like the reissue...may be a bit out out of place, but I love the fonts and the faint sage green botanical sketch under the title.

  3. Interesting that we have both commented similarly on the reissues. I do like the reissue, but it doesn't reflect the story like the other ones do.

    I love number 8, if for no other reason than the hat!

  4. I love #6, it happens to be the cover of the copy I own :)

  5. I really like nº 5, it looks a bit mysterious to me with the manor in the distance...